US Elections and Divisions Among Brethren

As I sit here trying to engage fully in prayer and study, I find my self flooded with tears. Certainly there is plenty to grieve when it comes to the condition of our nation – the hatred, the resurgence of politician and media-fueled (even engineered) racism, the ongoing holocaust of abortion, and of course – the two primary candidates for the highest office in the land. Yet all of this actually pales to what truly is causing me painful grieving right now, and that is the divisions I am seeing between brothers and sisters in Christ.

My heart is drawn back to my old study of 1 Corinthians and Paul’s letter that mostly dealt with a divided church – brother against brother. Where each acted in their own personal interests, ignoring the spiritual needs of their brethren, and callously (brazenly, even) continuing in the divisive behaviors. And I see the same kinds of divisions among Christian brethren today – with the bulk of it being in relation to the current election cycle.

You see, the inarguable reality is that we, as a nation, have been manipulated such as Ephesians 6:12 so clearly illustrates – not flesh and blood, but evil rulers, authorities, cosmic powers of the present darkness – spiritual forces of evil… A nation that has been so greatly blessed by God – a nation that has, despite many failings, been a light of biblical values with a foundation planted on Christian values, has chosen, over time, to listen to those “cosmic power of the present darkness”, choosing leaders that seem to be progressively more evil. Indeed, as we have actively rejected God in the public square, removed references to Jesus Christ from our schools and our daily function, we have seen a demonstration of the old physics rule – for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

And here we are at yet another political season drawing to a climax, and I see those who should stand united against the very evil Paul warned of – instead more divided than ever. We are divided over two individuals, both of which represent a history of evil deeds, corruption, and ugliness that should make even a fairly uncivilized person embarrassed, and we have allowed these two to divide brother from brother – church member from church member, and faithful Christians from faithful Christians.

I see supporters of one candidate deriding brethren who cannot, by their own conscious, support that same candidate. I see a lack of love for the brethren (1 John 3:14).  I have seen pride made manifest in ways I never before have seen among Christians. I have seen so-called “Christian Leaders” fuel this division by jumping out early and supporting some of the most ungodly candidates to be considered, over men (and women) who have demonstrated faith and integrity, and who admit their sins and repent of them. I have seen godly men and women mocked by fellow Christians, and even the use of logical fallacies to denigrate believers for not falling in line.

What this election comes down to is this – do we have faith in God that He is in control? I mean – do we GENUINELY believe that God ordains rulers – and that HE has a plan that supersedes our fleshly bickering and quarreling? Do we truly see where the REAL issue is – that it is NOT with our brothers and sisters who don’t feel the same need to cast the same vote as you – but with a spiritual darkness that can ONLY be overcome by the power of Jesus Christ? And do we not see that our own bickering and shaming of EACH OTHER only further puts our light under the proverbial “basket”? If I spend my time deriding my brother in Christ because he or she is voting for a candidate I find reprehensible – instead of seeking to proclaim Jesus Christ as my King and LORD, and THE Answer to every other issue we face – then I have bene worse than a clanging cymbal – but a stumbling block.

If I have, unwittingly, contributed to the divisions among the brethren by my words or actions – then I am truly sorry for that and want to repent. One thing I find even more painful than the thought of either primary candidate being elected is the possibility that I have contributed to divisions among the body of Christ.

Sadly, every division that is opened up by attacks on each other is another victory for Satan, who has long used division and confusion as some of his most effective tools.

Let me close with this prayer:

Lord, I come to you with a broken heart. A heart broken because we have brought shame to your Holy Name by placing politics, fleshly desires, and pride before you in our lives.  I pray LORD for my own words, thoughts, and actions to NOT be divisive to the body, but to be only the words of truth – words that edify believers, that lead to conviction to the lost, and that point to Jesus Christ – giving YOU all the honor and glory.

And LORD, I pray that I would remain humble through this all, relying not on my own strength or wisdom, but crying daily for your wisdom. Lord that I would forgive those who have done me wrong, and that I would myself receive forgiveness for any words or deeds that may have contributed to divisions between brethren. 

And finally, LORD, help me to have faith that all is in your hands. Help me to understand my responsibility is to speak truth, in genuine love.  And LORD, please help your people stand firm on your Word – may all honor and glory be yours now and forever – AMEN

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