The Lonely Pastors’ Podcast – EP 3 Biblical Reconciliation

One of the most challenging (sadly) parts of Christianity and Church life is reconciliation. Pride, feelings, and genuine pain often get in the way of what we, as the church, are supposed to demonstrate. Join me and Bro. Derrick in discussing this critical (and often missing) part of the church and Christian life. Find us … Continue reading The Lonely Pastors’ Podcast – EP 3 Biblical Reconciliation

The Lonely Pastor’s Podcast!

I am excited to announce a new collaboration with my friend and brother-in-Christ Derrick in a brand new Podcast and our first episode! Join these two small-church pastors seeking to glorify God, grow in grace, and flesh out doctrine, theology, and issues facing the Church. Featuring Michael Battenfield  (FBC Cave Springs, Arkansas) and Derrick  Bremer … Continue reading The Lonely Pastor’s Podcast!

Where’s the Kool-Aid? I need some Revelation 20!

“Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand. And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years; and he threw him into the abyss, and shut … Continue reading Where’s the Kool-Aid? I need some Revelation 20!

Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

This isn't the first post that has touched on this subject, and in this case - I plan to be as brief as possible. The primary thing that identifies a particular church (and thus denomination, association, or convention of churches) is doctrine. There are even the cases of "non-denominational churches" that fall into either being … Continue reading Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++

At first iI was TOLERANCE- out of “Christian love of your LGBTQ+ neighbor” and “for the sake of the gospel”... Just “tolerate”... Coexist. Let it go... But that wasn't good enough, so then it became... ACCEPT- you and your church must be accepting of these identities and lifestyle choices. Just accept them for who hey … Continue reading Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++

The Product of Warnings Ignored

It is a rare breed that would deny that our nation (and the world) is in dramatic decline. Certainly there would be massive disagreement over what constitutes that decline, as well as the solution. But one thing rings true no matter what: Morally and Spiritually, America is likely at its lowest point in her almost … Continue reading The Product of Warnings Ignored

The “#GreatReset” and the future of America

Many woke up this morning with something that shocked them on their TV screen or Twitter feed: Both GOP Senate candidates/incumbents were supposedly defeated by two of the most radically Left-wing Senate candidates in Georgia history. This was most shocking to them because they went to bed with both GOP candidates with fairly comfortable leads … Continue reading The “#GreatReset” and the future of America