Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

This isn't the first post that has touched on this subject, and in this case - I plan to be as brief as possible. The primary thing that identifies a particular church (and thus denomination, association, or convention of churches) is doctrine. There are even the cases of "non-denominational churches" that fall into either being … Continue reading Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++

At first iI was TOLERANCE- out of “Christian love of your LGBTQ+ neighbor” and “for the sake of the gospel”... Just “tolerate”... Coexist. Let it go... But that wasn't good enough, so then it became... ACCEPT- you and your church must be accepting of these identities and lifestyle choices. Just accept them for who hey … Continue reading Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++