Anxiety, Depression, and the Joy of Salvation

I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer - I am fully aware that there is a diagnosable, treatable condition called "depression". I am in no-way dismissing the real condition, though I do propose genuine depression is far more rare than diagnosed, and is almost always complicated by spiritual matters.David wrote, in Psalm … Continue reading Anxiety, Depression, and the Joy of Salvation

False Teachers, Prosperity, and Satan

I will make a startling admission to my readers. ¬†You might want to sit down for this massive, earth-shattering confession!I have never, ever trusted, believed, or liked Joel Osteen or his Satan-led, Serpent-pleasing, sugar-coated, snake oil message. There has never, ever been a doubt in my mind regarding his true allegiance.I have taken grief from … Continue reading False Teachers, Prosperity, and Satan