Fridays, Meat, Lent, & Unbiblical Legalism

Few areas of the Judeo/Christian debate are as confused and debated as dietary legalism. At the same time, this would seem to be among the most ironic of dividing points. For some, it is a Jewish/pharisaical legalism based on the Old Testament dietary laws given to Moses and the Hebrew people, where even professed Christians … Continue reading Fridays, Meat, Lent, & Unbiblical Legalism

Church, Faith, & The Kingdom – What is Important?

In a world (especially in American Christianity) where the church seems to be decreasing in influence, and where the percentage of people are identifying as Christians or church members, it seems as if an entire religious business enterprise, complete with high-dollar marketing and competition has arisen. And just as with any competitive market, massive resources … Continue reading Church, Faith, & The Kingdom – What is Important?