The Lonely Pastors’ Podcast – EP 3 Biblical Reconciliation

One of the most challenging (sadly) parts of Christianity and Church life is reconciliation. Pride, feelings, and genuine pain often get in the way of what we, as the church, are supposed to demonstrate. Join me and Bro. Derrick in discussing this critical (and often missing) part of the church and Christian life. Find us … Continue reading The Lonely Pastors’ Podcast – EP 3 Biblical Reconciliation

Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

This isn't the first post that has touched on this subject, and in this case - I plan to be as brief as possible. The primary thing that identifies a particular church (and thus denomination, association, or convention of churches) is doctrine. There are even the cases of "non-denominational churches" that fall into either being … Continue reading Doctrine (like Theology) Matters!

For Sake of God’s Kingdom: OPEN THE CHURCH!

This past Sunday, thousands of small house churches met in China, Iran, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and several other nations that are lethally-hostile to Christianity. Each led by a pastor, an elder, or simply a layperson who understands Christ's call to His churches to assemble regularly together. Each faced slightly differing threats - some from neighbors, others … Continue reading For Sake of God’s Kingdom: OPEN THE CHURCH!

Preach The Word (even through tears)

I was privileged to participate in an ordination service for a young man who had recently been called a pastor of a church that had been without a pastor for quite some time. As is boilerplate, the charge was brought centered around the command to "preach the Word" from 2 Timothy 4:1-5. Sadly, you rarely … Continue reading Preach The Word (even through tears)

Armed In Church? Yes, please.

The local media posted a story this morning with their usual Left-slant, claiming they had talked to local pastors (though an actual investigation finds that they actually quote exactly ONE). Their agenda is pretty clear in attacking armed churchgoers. So I crafted the following reply to post on social media, but thought it justified its … Continue reading Armed In Church? Yes, please.