Destruction of a Nation and the Christian’s Responsibility

This post originally appeared on the author’s old blog.

A friend of mine posted his astonishment that America could be on the cusp of electing a bonafide “Socialist” to the office of President, from either primary party. I began to formulate a response then realized that my reply would be far more suited to a full-on blog post, so thank you Donny Parrish for kick-starting this!

“Christians” have remained silent too long. Notice that the paths of ungodliness our nation has actively pursued are 100% based in the “squeaky wheel” principal— homosexuals have “gay marriage” because they screamed and hollered the loudest. God was “banned” from schools because the haters if God screamed and hollered the loudest.
60 million + babies have been murdered in this nation, perfectly legally because the worshippers of self/Molich screamed, hollered, and put their money where their mouth was and swayed the courts (without a single genuine constitutional basis).

And we have become (or are in the edge of) becoming a socialist nation all because of a direct violation of the 10 commandments, particularly the commandment against “covetousness”…  Those who covet what others have are screaming and hollering loudly to get what you have (without working for it). And that gave us the current President, and a few candidates who are now unapologetically pandering to the covetous culture.

And so much more.
There are three fronts in the war for the very soul of this nation—

1. We must begin ON OUR KNEES as God’s children, humbling ourselves in out very knees in repentance for our own sin and ungodliness and for our failure to be the “watchmen on the wall”.

2. We must be far more proactive in sharing Jesus Christ with this list and dying world. It IS NOT ENOUGH to “invite people to church”.  That has NEVER been enough, not does it fulfill the Great Commission.  But just as the first front (and step) towards actually doingsomething is humility before God, we m


ust also BE the salt and light as Jesus Commanded. We cannot live like the world, yet expect the world to act like Jesus. It just doesn’t work that way! Repeat the first front!

3. And we must be willing to stand for the TRUTH, live out the TRUTH, vote for the TRUTH, even if it means our pocketbooks are affected, even if it means our “friends” might reject us, and even if it is inconvenient and painful (I do not believe Jesus promised an easy road!). Every time we bend our morality for financial or social gain, we betray our hearts and faith. The “fruits” of our faith become very evident – by their lacking of real impact.

Christianity is not a passive spectator sport, it is a way of life. If our hearts are not absolutely broken for the ungodliness (and what the Bible clearly spells out is the coming result for it), if we don’t grieve for the lostness all around us, if we are not so broken that we are willing to speak up for the TRUTH, then stop pretending to be offended by all the garbage around us, and by path this nation is traveling. You are part of the problem. As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (and be a part of the solution).

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