Ukraine, Arkansas Master’Singers, and God’s Plan

In 2014, the Arkansas Master’Singers (a ministry made up mostly of worship pastors and musicians serving primarily in Arkansas Baptist State Convention churches) traveled to Ukraine with Evangelist Michael Gott to share the gospel through music and preaching.  Approximately 10,000 people attended the series of concerts and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, with some 4,000 responses for Christ!

The Master’Singers initially wanted to go back this year, but could not get the trip together, so we began praying. A new opportunity to return has come for next April (2018).  After much prayer, I committed to be a part of the group to go. I set up a fundraising page with YouCaring (similar to GoFundMe), and placed it in the Lord’s  hands.

Yet over the last several months, I accepted a new pastorate in Northwest Arkansas, and my wife Diana also began work with a new bank up here. We are still trying to sell our home in Clinton, and the costs continue to rise.  At the same time, expenses related to the house in Clinton don’t stop – and just today I found out that the A/C needs between $500-1000 in repairs – required if we have any chance at all of selling the house.

And while I feel no less burden to go to Ukraine next April, I just don’t see a practical means to get there, particularly from a financial standpoint. Unlike my last mission trip endeavor, funds have not rolled in, and my own financial standing is pretty shaky with two house payments.

Please pray for me as I move forward.  If I am to give up on the prospect of being a part of this mission, then so be it. But I really need to have some degree of peace with that, which I just cannot seem to get. I do have faith that God has something planned.UkraineImage_michael.png

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