Freedom FROM Religion? Really?

I find it hugely ironic that organizations such as “Freedom From Religion”, funded by and representing Atheists exist. Why, you might ask, is it ironic?
The answer is quite simple – you see, 100% of people adhere to a “religion” – even avowed Atheists! You see – “religion”, at its simplest meaning is a system of beliefs that affect your life/how you live. Whether one is a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Animist, etc., your beliefs have an impact on your life. Atheism, the professed belief in NO God still directs how they live. Some might refer to their belief system as “secular humanism”.

So, by railing against other religions (with a particular distaste for Christianity), they are actually imposing THEIR system of beliefs (aka – Religion) on the those around them.
So, remember the principal of “Freedom OF Religion” in light of the above. The Funding Fathers and the Constitution never even imagined a “freedom FROM religion” – because that is an impossibility, nor did those same Founders promote a LACK of religious expression in the public.
And a parting blow: Even the less religious of the Founding Fathers – those that many anti-religion zealots like to point at… those men were primarily Deists – they were welcoming of Christian values and did not express offense at the words and actions of their Christian fellow leaders. They worked side-by-side with them. They didn’t insist on silencing the Christians. They even enjoyed Congress opening with a Christian preacher giving a sermon to open their sessions.

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