Be Thankful To Don't Get What You Deserve!

Have you stopped to think, even for a moment… while we make a big deal out of thanking God for particular blessings in our lives… and often even get a bit miffed when God doesn’t give us what we want (or THINK we “deserve”), that maybe, just maybe we should pause, reflect, then truly fall on our faces before a totally and purely HOLY God – who indeed does NOT give us what we REALLY deserve! As sinners – we deserve nothing better than the unmitigated WRATH of God! And it is by nothing but HIS Grace, not based on any perceived merit on our part – that He withholds that wrath from us! And indeed – it is the same God who calls us unto repentance and redemption – forever staying His divine hand of judgment and wrath from us.
Dear sinners (of which I am among the chiefest), don’t cry for what you don’t have, or that you “deserve better” – for none of us do. But praise be to God that He gives us much better than any of us deserve!

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