The Ongoing Conviction of The Word

I have now been leading a regular Bible study (Coffee & The Word) at a local coffee shop for several weeks now. Unlike most Bible studies I’ve been a part of most of my Christian life, we are approaching the study in a somewhat different way (admittedly a format I should have adopted long ago)- beginning squarely with what is on the page.

And I will also confess that this outward study has been one of the greatest tools of personal growth for me. What’s I saw as simply a means to engage others has become a tool God has used to bring heart-molding, life shifting conviction to my soul. Indeed, I am so very thankful for the personal growth I have experienced with the frank and open study with others.
But the unexpected side effect has been heart melting… every day I am more and more appreciating and understanding what the apostle Paul meant when he recorded in 1 Timothy 1:16:
The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.

In-context, Paul had just mentioned in remembrance who he WAS before his conversion, but then uses the present tense in referring to himself as the foremost (or chiefest) of sinners. You see, the Word of God is indeed “sharper than any two-edged sword”. And every time I open God’s Word with an honest and humble heart, He convicts me with His Word. He motivates with His Spirit, and reminds me of the need for ongoing repentance each and every day. And oddly enough, I cannot get enough of it!

After all, God is molding me, transforming me into the likeness of His marvelous Son. And it is why I believe all who are redeemed should have a growing love for the Bible! Indeed, find yourself not only time to read, study, and pray God’s Word, but find you a group in which to honestly mine the depths for the treasure found in the Bible! 

If you are in our area, consider joining us at Rock-N-Java on Highway 65 in Clinton, Arkansas!

If you really want to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord, and grow in Christ with others who are drawing near to The Word, you have a prime opportunity with the faith family of #NewHopeClinton to make a difference!

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