Reformation Day, and a Call For a NEW Reformation!

For many, October 31 is known as “Halloween”, but for others, it represents something far more important to church history – Reformation Day.

Just what IS “Reformation Day”? It is an official holiday in some areas of Europe (particularly heavily-Lutheran Germany) and in Chile, and observed by some protestants that celebrates the “95 Theses” of Martin Luther, who famously nailed his objections to practices of the Catholic Church, on the door of the church in Wittenberg. This event was one of the sparks that lit the “protestant reformation”.

While many Baptists do not directly claim lineage from the Reformation (rejecting the “protestant” label – a whole other historical discussion), the spirit of the Reformation is important to remember, in that it was a case where someone within the formal church was willing to speak up for what scripture said vs. what the church “authority” was proclaiming. Among Luther’s objections was the practice of selling indulgences – essentially “get out of Purgatory free” cards.

While Bible-believers of today don’t necessarily feel a strong connection to the Reformation that came about so many centuries ago, it is my personal opinion it is time for a NEW REFORMATION! With so many individual churches and even entire denominations blatantly rejecting the Bible’s clear teachings on many issues, with even the current Pope seemingly mocking those who believe in the biblical account of creation, and with morality being thrown under the bus of “feelings”, it is time for those who still believe God’s Word is what IT says It is – the truth – to take a stand, to “nail our theses” to the doors of churches across this nation and around the world. Stand up for what the Bible says. Stand up for right, while standing against evil.

It is time for those who call themselves preachers and pastors to speak the truth – the horrendous and eternal consequences of sin and the failure to repent and trust the redeeming “paid-in-full” price He paid. It is time to proclaim what the Bible says is right and wrong. It is time to caution against continuing in sin (Romans 6:1-2).  We are living in a time when church pews have a disturbing number of people that passages like Hebrews 6 are warning against – those who have seen the truth, who have “experienced” it (or as 2 Peter 2:20-22 puts it – who have escaped the defilement of this world through “knowledge” of the Lord – but who are not indeed redeemed – who will face an end far worse than had they experienced the Lord in the first place).

We see Christianity losing influence – because “Christianity” has come to mean little with people professing the “religion”, but demonstrating through their lives something far different.

IT is time for the true believers to stand up for the Truth – it’s time for a “New Reformation”.  It’s time to quit “majoring in the minors” and get the foundation right – that is, the Word of God!

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