Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++

At first iI was TOLERANCE- out of “Christian love of your LGBTQ+ neighbor” and “for the sake of the gospel”... Just “tolerate”... Coexist. Let it go... But that wasn't good enough, so then it became... ACCEPT- you and your church must be accepting of these identities and lifestyle choices. Just accept them for who hey … Continue reading Endless Discontent and LGBTQetc+++

For Sake of God’s Kingdom: OPEN THE CHURCH!

This past Sunday, thousands of small house churches met in China, Iran, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and several other nations that are lethally-hostile to Christianity. Each led by a pastor, an elder, or simply a layperson who understands Christ's call to His churches to assemble regularly together. Each faced slightly differing threats - some from neighbors, others … Continue reading For Sake of God’s Kingdom: OPEN THE CHURCH!

Hypocrisy in High Places

There are few things that really cause me anger and disgust like lies. Most people simply think that a lie is when you say something that is blatantly untrue, with intent. But there is an even more insidious version of the lie that actually often does more damage - its called hypocrisy. From Dictionary.com: Hypocrisy … Continue reading Hypocrisy in High Places

Spiritual Warfare is Real – and NOW

One aspect of the Christian walk that I have often heard people talk about, but I find most professed Christians are sadly unprepared for.  Unfortunately, we really don't realize just how real the spiritual war is until we are put to the test. For many, 2020 has been (pardon the term) the "year from hell".  … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare is Real – and NOW

Don’t Erase Our History

This year is on course to be the most insane year in American history. From a pandemic exposing the indoctrination culture that is willing to give up essential liberties for an imagined degree of "safety", to the current explosion superficially focused on "race" and #BlackLivesMatter - we as a nation have collectively lost our minds. … Continue reading Don’t Erase Our History

Evangelical #Hypocricy (Who’s a Christian?)

We live in a time of people having greater concern for what is politically-correct than what is biblically correct. At the same time, many in what is labeled "Evangelicalism" (some bloggers are now using the term #BigEva (the evangelical business, as it has become), has been shouting that Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) is not worthy of … Continue reading Evangelical #Hypocricy (Who’s a Christian?)

Gosnell: The Movie (Abortion Truth)

I have been putting off going to see the recently-released movie Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer. I knew that it would be emotionally draining, and likely would even trigger primal anger. But this week, as I saw yet more reports from pro-life groups such as lifesitenews.com, savethe1.com, as well as many Christian … Continue reading Gosnell: The Movie (Abortion Truth)