What is a "Christian"?

After a recent question by a brother in a group I participate in regarding the definition of “Biblical Christianity”, I thought- maybe we should dive even deeper, to figure out what a “Christian” is. This may seem like a rather sophomoric question, but I believe it is an important one. Whenever we see surveys reported that say there are x number of “Christians” in the US, what they don’t tell you is that this is “self identified”, and includes every denomination and “Christian cult” out there. Indeed this country has a lot of mpeoplr who will check the “Christian” box, but don’t really even know what that means!

So, if we boil it down, what is a “Christian”? I mean this in the sense of the kind of Christian who is a brother (or sister) that Jesus said In would love as a sign that I am His.

This ties in with several theological debates, including Free Grace vs Lordship Salvation and Calvinism vs Armenianism.

Linguistically, to be a Christian would literally mean follower or imitator of Christ. Paul wrote that believers should be imitators of him as he followed Christ. This is why some early Christians were labeled “Paulitians”…followers of Paul.

So, does that mean that some one who acts as a sacrificial servant, seeking after then good of others is, because this is “Christ-like”, a “Christian”? Jesus said in that a day is coming that many will stand before Him and list off all the good stuff they did in his name… And he will say to them “depart from me he workers of iniquity, for I knew you not”.

So it would seem to mean that outward appearance isn’t “it”.

In the New Testament, we find examples of one ” becoming” (or nearly so- king Agrippa) Christian… all hinged on one, single “event”: a turning point when knowledge becomes faith, faith in the Son of God, not just in Who He was and is, but more importantly, what He accomplished through His death and resurrection., and by next logical and natural step- acknowledging His Lordship in and of our lives (Romans 10:9).

Any ” Christianity” that leaves out the total faith in Christ Jesus, is but vain religion. It is but noise.

Or put another way- all the “Christian” stuff you do will be meaningless in the day you stand before the Judgment of Christ, for without genuine faith, He will say “depart from me… I never knew you (Matthew 7:21-23)! All our works are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).

So,a ” Biblical Christian” is someone who has responded to the Holy Spirit’s drawing and the gift if faith, through Grace, in the Who, What, and Reality of Jesus Christ. All of this leading to, or resulting in, “living faith” as James wrote of.

Where do you stand? Jesus said “if you love me, keep my commands”. Jesus said ” by this they will know you are my disciples, that you have love one-for-another”.

We can get hung up in the “how’s” of salvation… Whether it is a “free-will choice” or if we are predestined by God unto salvation (with no choice). But ultimately, what is important is that you are either born-again, regenerated by Christ, imputed with His righteousness, and destined for eternal life, or you are unregenerate, and headed for eternal condemnation.

All the “good works” in the world don’t make you a Christian. All the church attendance or religious activities don’t make you a Christian. Only the Blood of Jesus can make you a Christian.

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One thought on “What is a "Christian"?

  1. The works we do are only the outward evidence of the love we have for the lost. If we do works and have no love, if it is just for show, then there is no love for God. God is our judge. His infinite mercy is our example. His life on Earth, so well lived, is our example. His Holy Spirit is our strength and our comforter. Praise be to God.


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