Immigrants, Immigration, and the Abuse of Scripture

Stop it... just stop! What? Quit abusing Scripture to affirm your viewpoint and agenda - especially in the hot-button issue of immigration. I don't care if your view point may very well be the "moral one" - if you are abusing Scripture to prove it - I can't support you. Here in the US, we … Continue reading Immigrants, Immigration, and the Abuse of Scripture

Evangelical #Hypocricy (Who’s a Christian?)

We live in a time of people having greater concern for what is politically-correct than what is biblically correct. At the same time, many in what is labeled "Evangelicalism" (some bloggers are now using the term #BigEva (the evangelical business, as it has become), has been shouting that Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) is not worthy of … Continue reading Evangelical #Hypocricy (Who’s a Christian?)

A Challenge for Today and Beyond: CD!

This post was originally published by the author on his old blog page. Here is a thought for today (and every day) - maybe better a challenge: Corum Deo- to live your life each and every day before the LORD. What does this mean? After all, God sees all things - so everything is done … Continue reading A Challenge for Today and Beyond: CD!


Sadly, I see an ever-growing plague afflicting Christians - and the disease is "Discernment Deficiency". What do I mean?

Well - the most obvious is the lack of discernment regarding who they spend their time listening to. I see many churches hosting speakers and simulcasts of celebrity preachers and teachers, who might offer up some "good stuff" on a regular basis, yet at the same time hold to heretical position, which they generally weave in with the "good stuff" they put out.

Churches, Pastors, and a Problem

Biblically, we see in the New Testament, elders/pastors basically appointed by the faithful to lead local congregations. Those men were entrusted with "feeding" Christ's sheep. They were appointed to be leaders who literally ran the affairs of each local church. Church members (saints) were expected, so long as that elder/pastor remained qualified and faithful to the work, to submit to their authority, and to serve along side them willingly and with joy in the Kingdom work.

Miracles From Heaven – a Review

A couple of months ago, I received an invitation to view an advanced screening of Miracles From Heaven in Little Rock.  Having not been familiar with the movie or its source (supposedly a true story), I was interested to at least investigate. What I discovered was that this movie was produced by the same folks … Continue reading Miracles From Heaven – a Review

Death Penalty and the Christian (and An Ironic Twist)

There is a great deal of controversy and debate over the death penalty/capital punishment.  Many well-meaning Christians point to the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross to pay for our sins.  They look to scripture that clearly says that we all deserve death for our sins.  Unfortunately, while scripture does say that the "wages … Continue reading Death Penalty and the Christian (and An Ironic Twist)