Are You a "Values Voter"?

     It really is a simple question: Are you a “values voter”?  I suppose I need to begin with defining the term.  A values voter is someone who participates in the election process by casting their votes for the candidates that most closely reflect their values.  Anyone can be a values voter – as values are individual. So with that bit of housekeeping in order, let us proceed.

     I consider myself a “values voter” because I try my best to determine what candidates on my ballot come closest to representing what I believe.  While I do not insist on a candidate holding the same specific doctrinal positions I do, or even be a member of “my church” or particular denomination, I do believe for a candidate to represent my values, they should be a born-again Christian. I further have a priority list of issues and positions that range from absolute, non-negotiable values, to those things that I can tolerate some variance in, to those things that have little weight in my values list. For example, among the issues that are non-negotiable are abortion (100% pro-life) and the biblical definition of marriage – one man and one woman (for life).

     But believe it or not, I have respect for those with very different views from me on my core issues, so long as they are genuine in their stand and with their vote.  Consistency that matches ones actual beliefs is admirable, and indeed brings me to the point I wish to make:

     If you consider yourself a “values voter (which I believe anyone taking the responsibility of voting seriously should be), then you will take the time and effort, no matter how “busy” you may think you are, to actually look at what the candidates say and believe. One glaring example of this is Jerry Falwell Jr. of Liberty University. Jerry has decided to throw his name and the name of Liberty University behind a candidate.  Of course, for such a public figure, particularly ministry-related, this can be a rather precarious step, regardless of who one supports. But I question if Mr. Falwell actually has even taken a moment to pray over his endorsement. With professing Christians in the race who have no qualms admitting their need for salvation, Mr. Falwell has decided to throw his weight behind a candidate who has a rather lengthy history of supporting “abortion rights”, “gay marriage”, and has praised socialist medical systems across the border. Certainly I am a firm believer that anyone can be changed in the very heart by the Divine hand of God through His Holy Spirit. Yet This particular candidate Mr. Falwell has chosen to endorse has never actually repented of his support of those very positions that Falwell himself claims to abhor.  This candidate has even specifically stated recently that he has never asked God for forgiveness, even going so far at one point to say “thats not my thing”.

     This is the same candidate who has made a fortune through both shady and sometimes quite dishonest business practices, casino operations, and even strip clubs. This is a many who has made such a mockery of marriage as to render any opinion he now might express rather weak at best.

     And this endorsement by Falwell Jr., the son of famed evangelist and preacher Jerry Falwell Sr., who made a great deal of his name by leading the “moral majority” and their campaign against morality in this nation (love him or hate him). So the Falwell name goes from staunch opposition to smut and rampant sin, to endorsing a candidate who had made his fortune off of smut and sin. This is the same candidate that even Planned Parenthood has said they could live with (could it be the friendly statements he has made on their behalf defending the abortion mill? Or maybe the donations he has made to them over the years?).

     But let us take another glance at this situation – maybe one doesn’t hold the same moral and biblical positions as the traditional Falwell family positions or mine.  But what does this candidate stand for that, just maybe, could be in some way redemptive?  He has a campaign slogan he rests his entire political fortune on – “lets make America Great again”.  Hey – I like that! So, please tell me how that is going to come about (and what might that actually look like)? Oh, wait – so this candidate doesn’t really have much of a plan to actually bring this to pass. But hey – he has some great hats and t-shirts available that say “Lets make America Great”!

     Well, maybe this candidate is going to fix the economy, right?  After all, we have record numbers on public assistance, record numbers unemployed or otherwise not in the workforce. So this candidate brings up coming down on China with tariffs because of unfair Chinese trade practices. Ok – thats fine. Except that this candidate has profited hugely by that same-said China trade situation that he now condemns.

     So again, I ask – are you a “values voter”? Do you actually care enough to measure available candidates by your own values (assuming you actually really know where you stand on the issues)? Regardless of your moral and political positions, I import you to do do-diligence and actually vote according to your beliefs and values, even if they are contrary to mine. But don’t just base your vote on what the media tells you (about ANY candidate). Don’t just rely on sound bites. What does the candidate really stand for and on? What is their record, whether in the political realm, or the private sector?

     But if you have made it this far and are still reading, and hold to what you believe are biblical/Christian values, please – for the very name of the Christ you profess – be careful who you support.

     And finally, I found the following to be rather convicting.  We are NOT stuck trying vote for the “lesser evil”.  As I have said many times over the years, the “lesser evil” is still evil!

     Please take voting seriously. Take any endorsement you chose to make just as seriously, and PRAY!

One thought on “Are You a "Values Voter"?

  1. Yes I am a values voter. Your thoughts are good. I would like to add one thought to your list of values; the candidate must stand with Israel. The candidate must expose his/her stance on Israel.


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