Immediacy and This Ugly World

What would we do without the internet, without Facebook and Twitter, and the access to the near real-time atrocities happening around the world?

As I have seen several videos posted/reposted the last few days that are apparently videos of the implementation of Sharia law in some of those Islamic countries (or those being taken over by Islamic/Sharia rule). Women “arrested” on the spot, “tried” on the spot by heavily armed/scarf-over-face cowards, and executed right on the public street, sometimes supposedly for little more than not having her face covered (I cannot translate Arabic, so cannot verify), or for being seen in public without her husband… or for simply TALKING in public…

Which mirrors the all-too-common public executions that the Taliban were notorious for in Afghanistan (and elsewhere) when a woman is raped by a gang of thugs, but she is the one “tried” and executed for “adultery”…

Or even cases her in the US, where the Muslim husband beats and/or murders his wife out of “honor”…

But how much different is that from our own policies, laws, and court decisions that make it perfectly legal to dismember an unborn child in his mother’s womb, all based on the “inconvenience” or “my body” defense? And the efforts to fight it, but seeming to always have the “exception”, making it just fine and “different” to execute a baby because his father committed rape.

The face of Satan has likely never been clearer, or more easily broadcast than today.  And it serves not Satan’s plans in my life, but God’s – as it makes me long ever so much more for Christ’s inevitable return.  Come Sweet Jesus!

But until that glorious day of His appearing comes – let us run the race, let us fight the good fight, let us tell others about the saving power of Jesus.

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