The Other Side of the Ark

Few Bible stories are as familiar or beloved as that of “Noah’s Ark”. Countless children’s events, cartoons, booklets, illustrations, and so forth have been produced around this story.

Children can tell you the exciting details… A big, funny-looking boat, two of each kind of animal (except….), Noah and his family, rain, flood, crow/raven, waiting, mountain, rainbow, and happily ever after…

But sadly, many people never get beyond the superficial illustrated story.

That story, and the one we need to get a firm grip on is this- God’s Wrath and judgment and His Grace.

The world had become absolutely corrupt with sin. God, in His perfection had to act. He determined to wipe humanity from the earth. Had God destroyed 100% of mankind from the Earth, it would have been perfectly righteous and justified.

Yet God’s plan also included deliverance for all who were righteous (by faith). Noah and his family were not perfect or sinless. But they followed the Lord, whom provided one, single means to deliverance- the ark.

And here we are thousands if years later… And God has provided the single way to perfect deliverance- the perfect Ark in Christ Jesus, literally God in the flesh, who is the door, who took on my sins, who gave His precious blood for all who would believe.

You see- the cross has little meaning to those who do not see or who refuse to acknowledge that they are heading to an eternity that is a forever destruction- an eternal death in Hell and the Lake of Fire. Just as the vast majority of humanity who walked the Earth in Noah’s day- humanity walks in their prideful blindness, filled with blissful and willful ignorance and rebellion. And while God has provided an “Ark”, mist never get beyond the novelty. Many even assent to “God”. Many ” go to church”. Some even profess Christ, having “said a prayer”, but until they have truly trusted Christ as Noah trusted the Ark – trusting everything to God’s plan and provision, they will find themselves outside the narrow gate, and facing God’s righteous and perfect justice.

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