A Memorial Day Thank You

We have a handful of holidays we celebrate here in the United States meant to honor those who have given so much for the cause of our Freedom.

Today is Memorial Day (originally called “Decoration Day”) – a day set aside to remember those of our armed forces who have given their lives for the cause of Freedom.

We also celebrate Veteran’s Day, which shares a great deal in common with Memorial Day.  This holiday is to honor those who have served, or are serving in the Armed Forces of this nation.

Why are these days important?  After all, has every war and military action that has been taken by the US been “righteous”?  Of course not.  Indeed there is a great deal of legitimate debate revolving around the us of the US Military around the world.  But that isn’t what is important.  What we need to focus on is that there are many who have given up so very much – whether it be time, limbs, their health, their heart, and their minds to do what they were called to and/or what they believed was the “right” thing to do to defend and protect this nation and her Constitution.

Going back to the Civil War, a day was designated (originally May 5, 1868) to honor those who died in defense of this country.  Through so many wars, many men and women have continued to give it all on our behalf.

So this Memorial Day, I wish to say “THANK YOU” to the over 1.3 Million men and women who have given their lives in defending this nation and her interests around the world.  While we may not all agree on each and every action they have been asked to engage in, they all deserve our thanks for paying the price.

And while we are giving thanks – let us thank Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father who also willingly gave His life that we might be truly FREE!  A stark reminder that freedom is never free!

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