Noun1.defeated - people who are defeated; "the Romans had no pity for the defeated"Adj.1.defeated - beaten or overcome; not victorious; "the defeated enemy"2.defeated - disappointingly unsuccessful; "disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions"It doesn't take much listening to preachers of today to hear said time and again we are to live "victorious" lives. The bit of truth to that concept is that we, through Christ, are given the victory over bondage to sin and to death. And we are to live lives that reflect that victory (another … Continue reading Defeated

Anxiety, Depression, and the Joy of Salvation

I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer - I am fully aware that there is a diagnosable, treatable condition called "depression". I am in no-way dismissing the real condition, though I do propose genuine depression is far more rare than diagnosed, and is almost always complicated by spiritual matters.David wrote, in Psalm … Continue reading Anxiety, Depression, and the Joy of Salvation