Fridays, Meat, Lent, & Unbiblical Legalism

Few areas of the Judeo/Christian debate are as confused and debated as dietary legalism. At the same time, this would seem to be among the most ironic of dividing points. For some, it is a Jewish/pharisaical legalism based on the Old Testament dietary laws given to Moses and the Hebrew people, where even professed Christians … Continue reading Fridays, Meat, Lent, & Unbiblical Legalism

Church Membership? (why should I join?)

There are many misconceptions today about many areas of Christianity.  There is even a movement among some Christian groups away from a “formal” church membership.  The New Testament never mentions the term (in any translation I am familiar with) “church member”, but the attitude with which Paul writes to the various churches and to Timothy … Continue reading Church Membership? (why should I join?)