Preach The Word (even through tears)

I was privileged to participate in an ordination service for a young man who had recently been called a pastor of a church that had been without a pastor for quite some time. As is boilerplate, the charge was brought centered around the command to "preach the Word" from 2 Timothy 4:1-5. Sadly, you rarely … Continue reading Preach The Word (even through tears)

Spiritual Warfare is Real – and NOW

One aspect of the Christian walk that I have often heard people talk about, but I find most professed Christians are sadly unprepared for.  Unfortunately, we really don't realize just how real the spiritual war is until we are put to the test. For many, 2020 has been (pardon the term) the "year from hell".  … Continue reading Spiritual Warfare is Real – and NOW

Don’t Erase Our History

This year is on course to be the most insane year in American history. From a pandemic exposing the indoctrination culture that is willing to give up essential liberties for an imagined degree of "safety", to the current explosion superficially focused on "race" and #BlackLivesMatter - we as a nation have collectively lost our minds. … Continue reading Don’t Erase Our History

Image of God, Sinners, and the Only Answer

Humanity - all of us - were created in the Image of God (Imago Dei). We all have marred that image by sin - the fundamental problem of the world. Every last one of us bears that disease. For some, it is demonstrated in fornication or other sexual immoralities, for some - covetousness and stealing. … Continue reading Image of God, Sinners, and the Only Answer

Quit Being a Selfish Jerk

Now that I have your attention... time for a bit of a rant. I see post after post from my age and older people slamming "young people" for being out in droves, not practicing "social distancing", for going shopping, etc... Who themselves KNOW about this how? Because THEY are out shopping? But even more interesting … Continue reading Quit Being a Selfish Jerk